What’s New for 2022

REI is committed to rewarding co-op employees with competitive pay and benefits, plus unique perks to get outside. Our plans continue to provide the same great benefits you’ve seen in the past, with a few new items that become effective January 1, 2022, unless otherwise noted.

2022 Open Enrollment Materials:


REI Saver and Choice Medical Plans

Gender-Affirming Medical Services

A lifetime dollar cap for services that fall under a gender dysphoria diagnosis will no longer apply retroactive to January 1, 2021. All other coverage details remain in place.

Preventive Care

More preventive care is covered for FREE! That’s right—more screenings and prescription drugs that won’t cost you a penny.

Service Area

Sutter providers will be included as in-network providers as of January 1, 2022.


Teladoc is a national network of U.S. board-certified physicians, pediatricians, behavioral health specialists and dermatologists who are available on demand, 24/7. Through this service, take care of non-emergency medical issues via phone or online video consultations. Visit Telemedicine for details.

Primary Care Provider costs will be $49 per session and the cost will apply toward the deductible.

Kaiser WA Plan

Diabetic Supplies

You won’t need to meet your plan deductible when purchasing diabetic supplies, such as strip-based blood glucose monitors, test strips, lancets or control solutions.

Service Area

Kittitas County will no longer be included in Kaiser Washington’s service area. Benefits-eligible employees in this county have the option to elect the REI Saver or REI Choice Medical Plan (Aetna insurance).


REI Saver and Choice Medical Plans

Prescription Drugs: National Preferred Formulary

Express Scripts’ drug formulary will change effective January 1, 2022. Click here for a list of the drugs.

Prescription Drugs: Maintenance Medications

Maintenance medications will require a 90-day prescription and will need to be filled at CVS or Walgreens, or you can get them delivered to your home using Express Scripts mail order. If you take a maintenance medication, you will no longer be able to continuously fill a 30-day supply.

Express Scripts will mail a letter to your home by late November to early December with additional details.

  • What happens if I continue to fill a 30-day supply or don’t switch to CVS, Walgreens or home delivery?
    You will be responsible for the full cost of the maintenance medication. To transition you to filling a 90-day supply at CVS, Walgreens or through Express Scripts mail order, you can get two 30-day courtesy fills before you make the switch. After the courtesy fills are used, you’ll be responsible for the full cost of the maintenance medication if you do not fill a 90-day supply at a CVS, Walgreens or through mail order.
  • Sign Up for Mail Order
    Get maintenance medications delivered to your home with free standard shipping. View instructions or visit the Express Scripts site for information about starting home delivery.
  • Switch to or Continue with CVS or Walgreens for Filling Your Maintenance Medications
    Contact your physician to obtain a new 90-day prescription to switch to CVS or Walgreens or continue with those retail pharmacies.


Dental premiums will remain unchanged for 2022.


  • Vision premiums will decrease for 2022.
  • The in-network frame allowance will increase to $250. The frame allowance for Costco will increase to $130.
  • In lieu of prescription eyewear, you can use your vision insurance to purchase ready-made, non-prescription blue light filtering glasses or ready-made, non-prescription sunglasses from a VSP provider. For example, if you don’t need new prescription eyewear in 2022, you can use your vision insurance to purchase ready made non-prescription sunglasses or blue light filtering glasses. Check out the VSP Lightcare flyer for more information.


EAP Mental Health Visits

The Employee Assistance Program is here for you if you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, financial issues and more. Free counseling is also offered through the EAP. For 2022, we’re increasing the number of visits per year from five to eight (per issue). To get started, call REI Health Guide at 1-800-451-2967 or visit mylifevalues.com (username: REI; password: EAP), or find out more information on the Mental & Behavioral Health page.

Leaves of Absence

Military Leave Pay

Full-time and part-time benefits-eligible employees on military leave will be paid differential pay for up to three months (90 days) of active military duty or military training.

  • Eligible employees receive the difference between your regular pay and active military pay. This amount cannot exceed your regular pre-leave earnings.
  • You will need to submit your military pay stub and indicate how often you are paid through the military (i.e., biweekly or monthly) to the payroll department.

Employees on an approved military leave of absence should reference the Military Leave policy on Living Our Values for additional information regarding wage reimbursement and notice of return to work.

Family Resources and Employee Support

Adoption Assistance

Employees who have been benefits-eligible for 12 consecutive months can be reimbursed for qualifying adoption expenses that they or their spouses/life partners have incurred.

Adoption expenses incured by yourself or your spouse/life partner can be submitted for reimbursement in the calendar year in which the adoption is finalized. For more information on eligible expenses, please see the Adoption Assistance Plan document


Full-time and part-time benefits-eligible employees will qualify for bereavement pay of up to three days after the death of a family member or close friend.

  • Bereavement time will be considered excused, provided you give proper notice and obtain approval from your manager, in accordance with REI’s attendance policy.
  • Part-time benefits-eligible employees will receive six hours of pay (up to 18 hours).
  • Full-time employees will receive eight hours of pay (up to 24 hours).

Employees needing additional time can use accrued time or salary continuation, with manager approval, for up to five days after bereavement time is utilized.

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