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REI’s dental plans are administered by Delta Dental of WA. There are two dental plans offered through REI: the Core Dental Plan and the Core Dental & Orthodontia Plan. With both plans you can see out-of-network providers, but you may pay more. To find a Delta Dental network provider, visit the Delta Dental provider website.

On this website, you can also view your coverage, print a copy of your ID card and use the cost estimate tool for dental services in your area. Here are some other important notes:

  • Enrolling in an REI medical plan will not automatically enroll you in the Core Dental Plan. You must enroll in the Core Dental Plan separately. You can choose this plan for yourself only or for yourself and your family members.
  • You can purchase additional orthodontia coverage. If you choose to add the optional orthodontia benefit, that coverage will automatically apply to all family members enrolled in the Core Dental Plan.
  • If you waive medical coverage, you can still enroll in dental coverage.

Benefits Plan Information and Costs Tool

Use the Benefits Plan Information and Costs tool to see what is covered and how much dental coverage costs.

Oops — this content is for Full Benefits Plan eligible employees.

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Core Dental Plan/Orthodontia

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Member services
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