Getting You Outside

Our customers aren’t the only ones we want to inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of adventure and stewardship. That’s why REI has several programs to encourage and support our employees to get outside.

REI’s Co-op Way Day Program

We believe the outdoors is for all. Fulfilling that sense of adventure is truly a life well-lived. Deeper yet, the outdoors are part of our values and Co-op Way Days provide us time for living our valuesthings like community service, advocacy, civic participation, outdoor recreation and stewardship. 

That’s why twice a year, REI’s Co-op Way Day program allows you to take a work day to partake in the activities that are important to you. Part-time employees will be paid 6 hours, and Full-Time employees will be paid 8 hours when you take your Way Day. You can view your Way Day balance on your pay statement. The current Co-op Way Day period will expire on August 27, 2022. Check out the full description of the REI Co-op Way Day Policy on REIweb > Employee Policies.

Discounts and ProDeals

REI offers you a discount on gear, merchandise and outdoor trips for both you and your family. In addition, the ProDeal and Mega ProDeal program lets you buy merchandise directly from participating vendors and through REI Private Brands at a huge discount. You also receive a discount on REI adventures. (Through other perks, you may receive other discounts, e.g., on rental cars or airport parking services.) To review a full list, go to REIweb > ProDeals.

And, if you work at REI for 15 years, you and your spouse/partner are eligible for a Heritage Card, a lifetime REI discount, after you leave REI (as long as you leave in good standing). 

Employee Challenge Grant Program

Get material support for your personal outdoor adventures with REI’s Employee Challenge Grant program. This program is open to all employees (with the exception of Directors and VPs). You can submit a grant proposal about an activity that’s a challenge for you. If it’s approved, you can get from $100 to $300 of retail credit for the purchase of REI Private Brands gear and apparel to help you meet the challenge.