Health Savings Account (HSA)

If you are enrolled in the REI Access Plan as of 2023 or the REI Saver Medical Plan now, you can open an HSA. The REI Access Plan is new and coverage will be effective January 1, 2023.

You own the account once you set it up—even if you leave REI—and any unused funds roll over from year to year. (Unlike a Flexible Spending Account, the HSA has no “use it or lose it” rule.) So, you can use your HSA funds now or for future health care needs, even into retirement.

What It’s For

An HSA can be used to reimburse eligible health expenses for you, your spouse and your children.*

Take a look at the full list of eligible expenses through HealthEquity.

Maximum Annual Contribution

2023 maximum annual contributions will be provided for the REI Access Plan and the REI Saver Medical Plan by November 2022. Below are limits for 2022 for the REI Saver Medical Plan:

  • $3,650 for the 2022 calendar year, if enrolled in the REI Saver Medical Plan and covering yourself only.
  • $7,300 for the 2022 calendar year, if enrolled in the REI Saver Medical Plan and covering yourself plus dependent(s).
  • Employees 55+ years can contribute an extra $1,000 for the calendar year.

If you have averaged 20+ hours in a 12-month evaluation period and are enrolled in the REI Saver Medical plan, REI contributes money to your account (up to $500 per year for individual coverage or $1,000 per year for family coverage). REI will allocate funds evenly throughout the year when you set up your HSA. If you join the plan mid-year, the amount REI contributes will be pro-rated.

Triple-Tax Advantages

The HSA has other perks, too, like its triple-tax advantages:*

  • You can make pre-tax contributions, which can reduce your taxable income.
  • Funds grow tax-deferred over time, and when your account balance reaches $1,000, you have additional investment fund options.
  • Withdrawals are tax-free if they are used for qualified health care expenses. When you reach age 65, you can use the money for non-health care expenses with no tax penalty.

*The tax advantages described here are for federal purposes; state tax treatment may vary.

Account Setup

An HSA is considered a bank account—the custodian of this account is HealthEquity. You may be required to complete the Customer Identification Program (CIP) in order for your account to be active. This account verification is required under the USA Patriot Act and HealthEquity will contact you via email; if no email address is on file, notification will be sent to your home address.

HealthEquity cannot post your employee or REI’s employer contributions to your account until the CIP process is completed. The verification process can be completed through HealthEquity’s website, where the following documentation can be provided to verify your identity.

  • Photocopy of a valid photo identification card showing residence (e.g., driver’s license, passport, state or government-issued photo ID).
  • Photocopy of your Social Security card or W2.
  • If your photo identification card does not list your current address, send a photocopy of a utility bill with your name and current address.

Account Fee

HealthEquity, the bank that holds the account, will charge a $2 monthly maintenance fee for accounts that have balances less than $5,000. The fee will automatically be deducted from your account.

Contact HealthEquity for more information.

* Under the HSA, you can only be reimbursed for eligible health care expenses for dependent children as defined by the IRS. See the Medical page for details. To learn more about eligible reimbursements through your HSA for your life partner or child of your life partner, see the REI Benefits Plan Summary Plan Description.

There are special IRS rules pertaining to owning an HSA, making contributions and how the funds are used. If you have questions, check out the medical FAQs, or talk to HealthEquity or your tax or financial advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members and enrolled spouses should automatically receive cards in the mail via their welcome kits for all new applicable accounts. If you haven’t yet received a card for yourself, please call HealthEquity Member Services at 1-866-346-5800.

If you need to order a replacement card for you or one of your dependents, visit the Card List page or log in to your member portal, then from the ‘My Account’ tab, select ‘Manage Cards,’ then select ‘Request Replacement Card.’ Next, follow the prompts to order the card.

Note that account cards held by the primary account holder or spouse will work for any dependent on the account, so you do not need to order cards for young children.

New or replacement cards may take up to 10 days to arrive.

Here’s how to locate your balance:

  1. Log into your HealthEquity member portal.
  2. On your home screen, there will be an Account Balance widget.
  3. Click on the name of the account for more details.

You can also see your balance by visiting My Account then HSA and clicking Account Detail.

Some claims and card transactions require proof that they meet the IRS rules for eligible expenses. To verify an expense is eligible, please provide a document such as an itemized receipt, invoice or Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

To add documentation to an HSA payment or card transaction:

  1. From the Docs & Forms tab of the HealthEquity member portal, select Receipts & Documentation to access your documentation library.
  2. Select Add New Item.
  3. Choose the file on your computer.
  4. Select a date and the document type and add notes for your reference. Check the box to confirm your document and click Submit.
  5. In your documentation library, select the new image.
  6. Click Link to Payment.
  7. In the list of payments, check the box next to the relevant transaction(s).
  8. Click Submit to link the documentation to the transaction(s).



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