Rethink is a research-based program that supports parents raising dependent children with learning or behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities, such as autism. Parents receive free, live tele-consultations (up to seven hours) with behavioral health experts, who answer questions and provide guidance on topics such as:

  • Teaching new skills
  • Addressing problem behaviors at home
  • Troubleshooting lack of progress
  • Collaborating with school and other providers

Additionally, Rethink provides hundreds of easy-to-follow videos that teach language, socialization, self-help, academics and vocational skills. Printable materials, as well as on-demand web-based training, complement these tools.

Visit to learn more about these services, or contact Rethink at 1-800-714-9285 or if you have questions. Once you’re ready to use Rethink, create a login by entering your employee ID as your username. 

Parent Resources While You’re at Home With Your Children

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step-by-step videos showing how to teach hundreds of skills
  • Written lesson plans and printable materials
  • Data and progress tracking
  • Behavioral support planning tools
  • Child activity center
  • Peer support forums
  • Remote consultations with clinician (up to 7 hours)
  • Live and archived webinars

No, there is no diagnosis or age range to use Rethink. While the program is best suited for children or young adults with developmental disabilities (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, intellectual or learning disabilities, etc.), anyone who needs support with learning could benefit from Rethink.

No, Rethink does not require medical insurance, Open Enrollment or health benefits from REI. It is also completely free to employees and all costs are covered by REI.

No, Rethink takes confidentiality and HIPAA compliance very seriously. No identifying information is shared with anyone inside or outside your employment.

Consultations, or “parent coaching” hours, are for you as the parent/caregiver to assist with addressing any questions/concerns about lessons you are working on, troubleshooting skills you are teaching, preparing for IEP meetings, navigating the Rethink website, and more!

The benefit is that you can schedule a time to speak at your convenience, avoid drive time, and access skilled clinicians even if you don’t live near one (all are board-certified behaviorial analysts with either a master’s or PhD). Also, clinical consultations are free of charge, making access to best practice support available to all employees regardless of financial need.

No, you can add multiple dependent children onto Rethink and create profiles for each of them. Also, you may grant anyone access to your child’s profiles (e.g., grandparent, aunt/uncle, teacher, babysitter, therapist, etc.). All you need to do is make them a team and give them their own login.

While in-home ABA services directly impact your child’s learning, Rethink is an online tool for you as a parent/caregiver to not only learn how to better address behavioral challenges, communicate and interact with your child when the in-home provider is not there, but to support you in collaborating with the in-home provider. Since they can use Rethink, too, you can communicate more efficiently through the Rethink program, work on the same skills and even share data if you wish.

More Information

Visit to learn more about the services or contact Rethink at 1-800-714-9285 or if you have any questions. Once you’re ready to use Rethink, create a login by entering your employee ID as your username.