The Leaves of Absence Tool

Certain life events may require extended time off work—that’s why we offer a wide array of leave options. The Leaves of Absence Tool will help you understand how much time off and pay is available to you based on your specific situation. If you need to be away from work for more than five days, you must call REI Health Guide at 1-800-451-2967 to begin and to update your leave.

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The information provided in the Leave of Absence Tool is for informational purposes only. The information you provide will not be viewed or saved by REI. Although REI has made every effort to ensure this tool provides accurate information, it is not intended to provide a complete description of any or all leave options available to you. Employees should evaluate all leave options and are solely responsible for their own decisions. REI may amend, modify or terminate the tool, in whole or in part, at any time. If any information in the tool is inconsistent with the REI leave policies in other materials provided to you, the information in the employee handbook and REI Benefits Plan SPD will prevail.