REI Health Guide

We want to give you the tools and resources to help you stay on the path to good health. REI Health Guide—a “one-stop” service available at your convenience—can help you take care of health or leave of absence tasks quickly and make it easier to maintain balance between work, life and health.

Access REI Health Guide

Just call 1-800-451-2967 to connect with an REI Health Guide who will listen to your concern and:

  • Process and manage your leave of absence;
  • Provide you with information on your medical issues and questions related to your REI Benefits Plan;
  • Connect you with the right programs to help you stay healthy;
  • Help you use your benefits efficiently, productively and affordably; and
  • Provide advice and guidance for any work-related incident or injury.

Staying Healthy

You’ll get:

  • Help selecting the right provider in our benefits plan to meet your needs;
  • 24-hour nurse advice for acute and minor injuries and conditions, whether they occur on the job or at home;
  • Guidance on recommended preventive care or health issues;
  • Referrals to health management, work/life and wellness resources; and
  • Help getting the most value out of your benefits coverage.

Coping with an Injury or Condition

You’ll get:

  • Help selecting the right provider or facility to meet your needs;
  • Explanation of your medical and disability benefits;
  • Help initiating a leave of absence if you need time away from work;
  • Consultation and guidance on available treatment options; and
  • Referrals to appropriate condition management programs.

Contact your REI Health Guide anytime at 1-800-451-2967.