Leaves of Absence

We understand you may need time off work for certain life events like:

  • Your own or your family member’s medical condition;
  • The birth of a child;
  • A call to active duty in the military; or
  • Pursuing a lifetime adventure.

If you need to take time off for more than five days, you must call REI Health Guide at 1-800-451-2967 to begin and update your leave.

You can also initiate your leave online at mylincolnportal.com. Use company code: REI1938 to create your account.

The REI Health Guide will help you through the process required to approve your leave and disability benefits. In addition, they can provide information about the federal, state and REI time-off options and the pay and benefits available to support you.

Initiating a Leave of Absence

Have you contacted the REI Health Guide to initiate your leave of absence? Here’s short video that will walk you through next steps regarding your leave.


  1. Once you report your claim, a case manager will call you within two business days to discuss the details of your medical condition, including how it impacts your ability to do your job and your treatment plan. Your case manager will be responsible for your claim and will be your main contact at Lincoln Financial Group.
  2. Your case manager will call your physician to obtain as much detailed medical information as needed and request copies of your medical records. To expediate this process, please provide your physician or medical care provider with a copy of the Authorization to Release Information at your next visit. This form gives your doctor permission to release your medical information to Lincoln Financial Group. The authorization form can be found on mylincolnportal.com.
  3. Your case manager will contact your supervisor to discuss your job duties and hours worked. Lincoln Financial Group will not share any confidential information. Lincoln Financial Group will only discuss any physical limitations and or restrictions as they relate to your job requirements.

You will need to provide:

  • Personal information: name, address, telephone number and job title
  • Physician information: name, address, fax/telephone numbers for each treating physician related to the illness or injury
  • Illness/injury information: detailed information of your illness/injury, symptoms and/or diagnosis
  • Job information: your last day worked, first day absent from work and anticipated return to work date

During a leave of absence the “Leave of absence” timecodes should be entered into your timesheet.

If you are on an unpaid leave of absence (i.e., personal leave, extended medical leave or bonding leave) and want to apply vacation time, please coordinate with your manager, admin, or operations lead to ensure your timesheet is submitted accurately. While on any leave, paid or unpaid, the regular timecode should not be submitted.

You must call your case manager about your return-to-work date. You should also notify your direct supervisor of your return-to-work date and if you have any special requirements. Your case manager will request a release from your physician that allows you to return to work. If necessary, your case manager will work with you and your physician to determine a return-to-work plan specific to your needs and abilities. Alternative work options may be explored, such as modifications or accommodations to your job.

Leaves of Absence Tool

The Leaves of Absence Tool will help you plan and understand the time off, job protection, pay benefits and timekeeping instructions that apply to your life event.

More Information

  • Review the Taking a Leave of Absence Checklist to know what to do before you take a leave, during your leave and when returning to work.
  • For REI leave policy information, go to Living Our Values (Employee Handbook): Snaplink > Tools > Human Resources > Employee Handbook > Leaves of Absence.
  • For more detailed policy information on Short Term and Long Term Disability pay benefits (STD & LTD), and REI medical plan coverage while on a leave, go to our Summary Plan Description (SPD).
  • For additional support, contact the Employee Service Center at 1-800-999-4734 or at hrhr@rei.com.